unfold into yourself



My name is Sahara and my work is the re-wilding, re-activating, and re-centering of the feminine. I am a witch and shadow healer. I sing the song of the deep, raw, awakening vibration of rebirth and truth.

I work with women that are ready to for more reclaim and unleash deeper levels of magic in their lives. They are ready to heal their whole self and reintegrate their shadow back into their light. They ultimately want to discover their own Truth so they can create harmony across all areas of their lives.

I believe in ownership, service, pleasure, adornment, and descension. Women that work with me learn how to own their energy. serve their own healing magic, feed their divine hunger for pleasure, adorn their lives, and descend into themselves for true answers.


Wild women are an unexplainable spark of life. They ooze freedom and seek awareness. They belong to nobody but themselves yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet.
— Nikki Rowe

What do you do?

I am a witch, shadow healer, and wild channel for those that are seeking radical, deep healing and release into the home of their own personal Truth. Women hire me to guide them through a journey of deepening their magic through shadow healing. I guide them in reconnecting with their body, reclaiming their own feminine pleasure, integrating their true desires, understanding their ego, and releasing the shame of feminine suppression.

What is the shadow?

The shadow is the metaphorical name for the darker aspects of our personalities. It was originally coined by Carl Jung. The shadow is merely light that has denied itself. It is the parts of ourselves we decided that we didn’t like. It is the part we have buried within us through denial, trauma, or societal suppression. Healing your shadow brings them out of the subconscious so they can no longer how power over your light.

How do I know I am ready for Shadow Healing?

The most telling sign is that you are feeling the pull to withdrawal. You are wanting to pull away from relationships, friendships, work, and things that bring you joy. You may even find yourself stuck in a cycle of withdrawal or burnout every few months. This pull is your mind, body, and spirit letting you know it is time to enter a restorative stage. With shadow healing, you can enter these restorative stage with much less guilt and chaos. Another major sign is that your spells, rituals, and meditations aren’t working. You have done spiritual work for years but you still do not have results you were hoping for.

What kind of people do you work with?

I work with women that are truly ready to embrace their rebirth. They are willing and able to take full ownership of their energy and invest in theirselves. They have tried a hundred different ways to motivate themselves, but they still feel the pull of burnout and withdrawal. They know they are meant for greatness and they are ready for deep, paradigm-shifting healing. They are ready for self-libration. They are craving an authentic and unapologetic expression in their own powerful feminine magic.

How do you help these women?

I am channel of the wild feminine. I can hold and wade through chaotic and shadow energy much easier than others. I provide a framework that allows women to release safely into their own deep waters to rediscover and reclaim their own Truths. A major part of my work is helping women reconnect with their own body through pleasure, learning the anatomy of their own ego, and constructing their own powerful magical practice. I focus on empowering and re-centering them so they can continue to self-heal for years to come.

Who will you not work with?

I will not work with those that heavily identify with being a victim and aren’t willing to look at their lives in a different way. I want to be very clear here: I am a witch and spiritual healer that specializes in self ownership and the rising of the deep, sensual, life-transformative darker side of you. I am not a therapist or psychiatrist. (Consider this your disclaimer.) If you are ready to look at parts of you that you don’t like, good. If you just want someone to talk to, then I am not the person for you. I will hold you accountable for the pleasure, magic, and freedom that you are seeking.


How do I get started?

Book a free call with me below. We will chat on the phone about where you are currently and how compatible we are with each other before moving forward.


What do you offer?


The Coven
$22 a month

Gather and practice with women.

COMING SOON. A sacred space is waiting for you. Join a group of supportive women exploring their own magic and shadows. Our coven is a respectful community where you can access help with developing your own spiritual practice. The Coven has no rules because life has no rules. This is a place where you are free to speak your unedited self and be fully seen and heard. We are all on a path of awakening into deeper versions of ourselves.

This community includes monthly energy readings, spells, and channeled messages from the wild feminine. You can cancel at any time.


Unfoldment Healing
$666 for 8 weeks

Heal and deepen your magic.

Deep healing is afoot as you enter the portal to your inner world. Expect your relationships, work, and life to shift radically as you release into who you are at your core. Together, we reconnect you with your body, release the shame you carry about your own pleasure, meet your shadows as they rise, and learn the unique anatomy of your ego. We deconstruct and descend into you so you can awaken your deepest and raw feminine vibration.

This package includes 8 1-hour sessions, guided support, and 8 weeks of access to The Coven. Schedule a time above to talk and see if this is right for you.


Shadow Synchronization
$999 for 12 weeks

Reclaim and unleash your wild femininity.

Your wild and unapologetic self is waiting. Together, we will go beyond the work of unfoldment and shadow healing as we integrate all of your splintered energy back into your present body. We surrender into our feminine divinity as we explore and express ourselves more deeply than ever before. Here, we eradicate shame from our being. Here, we synchronize both our shadow and light energy. Here, we fully release into who we are.

This package includes 12 1-hour sessions, guided support, and 12 weeks of access to The Coven. Schedule a time above to talk and see if this is right for you.


What can I expect during our time together?

  • Sessions and readings where you are challenged to see and fully own the deeper parts of your Truth.

  • Supportive framework for your descension journey where you can fully release into your healing

  • Self-awareness on how your personal ego works.

  • With 1:1 sessions: weekly 60-minute meetings, daily access via chat, free access to The Coven, and holistic Tarot/Astrology readings.

  • Guidance on how to develop a strong self-awareness muscle and boundaries.

  • Deep shifting in multiple areas of your life as you re-integrate your shadow.

  • More powerful orgasms and and presence in your own body.

  • Tools and guidance to empower your own spiritual practice to continue your self-healing for years to come.