soul purpose Reading

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Uncover and understand your true soul purpose and the three major lessons for you in this life!!


"Sahara has been so knowledgeable and effective within her personal guidance. Her intuitive marketing skills are so powerful--yet simplistic and doable. If you are considering hiring her, don't hesitate! She's the real deal." 

Serena Misquez


This reading is VERY limited!!

I am opening up this opportunity to only THREE of my fellow spiritual entrepreneurs!


The Soul Purpose Reading is a four card spread developed by me and my guides to show you your soul purpose and the three major life lessons that feed into your path of rising to highest potential in this lifetime!


The number 88 was chosen for this reading because 8 is the numerological number of POWER, AUTHORITY, INNER-STRENGTH, and CONFIDENCE. It is my intention to bring all of these attributes to you through the guidance of this reading.


After you purchase your your Soul Purpose Reading, you will receive it via email by February 5th!!


"Sahara's entrepreneur skills and mystical wisdom makes a powerful combination. The session with Sahara left me feeling inspired, excited and eager to move forward with my spiritual coaching business, which led me to gain more clients and the ability to hone in on my vision like never before!"

- Shan Major