why did create this ebook?


what's in this ebook?

1 | Understanding Alignment

If you are highly sensitive, odds are that your energy is very open. Because of this, it is easy for you to pick up and even carry around the feelings of those around you.  If you are not protecting your energy, then alignment becomes a real problem!

2 | Breaking Down the Balance

Alignment is such a complex term. People throw it around, but it has many layers and components. During this training, we are going to break them all down and learn what it really means to be in true alignment with ourselves.

3 | Using Correspondences

We live in a world of duality. Up and down. Left and right. Shadow and light. Male and female. This spectrum of duality isn't here to confine us into little boxes and stereotypes. It is here for our empowerment. 

4 | Creating Rituals + Habits

Decisions can seem so final and big, but really they are just a way that we interact with the Universe at large. Building on our knowledge of alignment and the power of choosing, we will tackle the big scary feelings change gives us.


Are you ready to truly explore your alignment?

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