Are you ready to make big life changes but you don't know where to start?

Are you worried about how your decisions will affect others?

Are you constantly emotionally drained?


I'm Sahara and I've created this training bundle especially for the highly sensitive empath or healer ready for more.

Change can feel so draining and even scary. 

But It is so possible for change to be exciting, easy, and even energizing.

If you are ready for that next big leap in your life but feel so overwhelmed by the whole process, then this bundle of four trainings is for you. They will catapult you into a more aligned state where change and opportunities are more accessible and even easy for you.

Are you ready to align with a more powerful version of you?  


why did i create this training

I want to see a world where more empathic people are living exciting and fulfilled lives.

It is my life's work to help activate and inspire them to become the most powerful version of themselves.


Bundle breakdown

1 | Prioritizing Your Energy

This is so different than just protecting your energy. It is important for us before we do any kind of deciding or personal development work, to develop the skill of learning how to prioritize our own energy.

2 | Defining + Unpacking Alignment

Alignment is such a complex term. People throw it around, but it has many layers and components. During this training, we are going to break them all down and learn what it really means to be in true alignment with ourselves.

3 | Understanding the Power of Choice

We live in a world of duality. Up and down. Left and right. Shadow and light. Male and female. This spectrum of duality isn't here to confine us into little boxes and stereotypes. It is here for our empowerment. 

4 | Making Big Life Decisions

Decisions can seem so final and big, but really they are just a way that we interact with the Universe at large. Building on our knowledge of alignment and the power of choosing, we will tackle the big scary feelings change gives us.


are you ready to find your true alignment

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