The Fastest Way to Get in Alignment With The Life You Want


I am warning ya before you continue reading. You probably WON'T like the answer. 🤓

First, let's get clear on what alignment really is. Alignment is a healed state of being where connection and flow with your creativity and personal power is effortless. It is the place you want to be for you to receive all of the fun and joy that goes along with creating the life you want for yourself.

And, the fastest way to get into true your own alignment is by taking action towards the dream life you want to be living.

Not always fun, right? But really, making moves towards the life you want is the quickest way to get into your true aligned self.

How does knowing this make you feel? If you imagine yourself taking action right now towards what you want, what comes into your mind? Thoughts of doubt? Panic? Excitement? Uncertainty?

Our emotions are a compass to our deep inner self. And when we take action, the thoughts and emotions that come up point us directly to where we are misaligned. Knowing these emotions are important to understanding WHY we haven't achieved the results we want in our life yet. 


So when acting on the dream life, we are really doing two crucial things:

1 | We are pulling our patterns and limiting beliefs to the surface quickly.

Our thoughts are triggered by our emotions. Our emotions are triggered by the paradigm of beliefs we have about world and ourselves. True alignment and healing happens when we change our paradigm. This connection between our thoughts-emotions-paradigm is exactly why taking action works to put ourselves into alignment quickly. Imaging yourself taking a big step towards your dream life again--what thoughts come up? Are you doubtful? Do you maybe think it isn't possible? What emotions are below that? Unworthiness? Sadness? Fear? What must you believe that triggers this reaction? When did you decide you were not worthy of what you wanted? Is there a certain memory that comes up?

It gets deep quickly, right? But this is it! This is the type deep diving into ourselves that will lead us into truly aligned and healed state. Whatever you discover about yourself. It is important to remember to be GENTLE with yourself. No one grows without mistakes or bumps in the road. It is okay and you are always exactly where you are supposed to be in your learning process.


2 | We are signaling to the Universe at large that we are ready to play.

This is like an added bonus to the healing process of aligning ourselves. When we act, we are saying to our surroundings and the cosmos that we are ready to take part in the process of creating and receiving the dream life we want. It is like making the first move of chess. You are showing up and you are showing that you are ready to play. This is where all of the magic starts to go down. Opportunities and people will start to line up for you. Inspiration will hit you. You will find yourself in a place where you start to see a path forward.


**It is worth making a note because I have run into a problem when using action as a method to align myself. Obsessing and striving to achieve spiritual growth can be a mask for your ego. Yes, on the surface wanting to grow is a great thing. Wanting to grow with the intention of becoming powerful quickly is a different type of motivation.


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