Tarot for Beginners: Where to Start + What You Need to Know


So the idea of reading Tarot sounds really fun but you aren't sure where to start? Are you nervous and maybe intrigued? I felt the same way when I was just beginning too. I didn't want others to think I was fraud and I wanted to make sure I was reading them the "right" way.

Thanks to Hollywood, we typically think of Tarot as a situation where someone is providing a reading for another. But, the good thing is you don't have any pressure to start doing readings immediately for others. Actually, you aren't obligated to do readings at all for anyone if you don't want to.

Learning and connecting with a deck is actually a highly personal and illuminating experience. I've been reading cards for myself for eight years now, and here are a few things you need to know if you are interested in starting your own journey as Tarot reader.


If you don't like what the cards are saying, listen up!

This was a big one for me. When I first got my baby Robin Wood deck, we didn't get along. Mostly because I was in a terrible part of my life and they kept giving me guidance I didn't want to hear. Needless to say, they called me on my shit a lot. 😂 You may even find yourself thinking that you don't think your reading applies to you at all. My advice: Take a moment to look inward and be truthful with yourself. The cards always seem to have the message you need to hear. (And if you still don't think it applies to you, you probably need to cleanse your deck. Keep reading to learn more about that!)


Best way to get started is practice.

No amount of books or research is going to make up for sitting down and getting to know your own deck. Flip through them. Connect with the art. Feel into them. Sleep with them under your pillow. Carry them around with you. Give them a special bag to live in. Store them in a sacred place. Pull daily cards. Give yourself readings. After a while, you will notice patterns in the messages you receive. Record your readings and notice where the patterns emerge and how they measure against your current situations and feeling. This is the wisdom of the cards.

You will get deeply connected to your intuition.

So what I mean here is the more your pull and read cards, the more in tune with your gut you are going to be. You will start to discover an inner knowing that logic tells us all too often to ignore. Here is your power. If you are someone that identifies as female, you understand how intuition can be very strong. Your magick is connected to your innate feelings. Take time to analyze the "knowing" the cards give you not just the "meaning" of the cards.

You can buy ones for yourself.

There is a superstition out there that your cards won't work unless they are given to you as a gift. This is bullshit... If you feel very connected to a deck and your gut is telling you to buy it, then buy it. There is a reason. I personally would advise against just buying a deck because others have it or you think it is pretty. But, if you'd really like to be provided your first deck, tell the Universe/Cosmos/Source that you are open to learning and receiving your first deck. It will appear when it is time.

Everyone reads them differently.

Because everyone is different and we each have our own intuition, we each bring different ideas and experiences to the table if we read for someone else. I personally view decks as a way for us to delve into our personal development. They give us illumination into areas of ourselves so we can improve and remove our own blocks. Some believe they are a way to show what is unfolding before you if you stay on your current path. Regardless, you are the magick. There is no right or wrong way to read cards. There is only your inner guidance and you channeling a message for someone else to receive.

It is okay to look up what your cards mean.

Since everyone reads them differently, if you feel the need to look up the traditional meaning of cards while you are still learning, do it! There is no shame here. We are all students. Like anything, you won't become an expert overnight. You will gain wisdom overtime. The quickest way to learn is to do daily one card draws and journal about them. This will help you understand how a certain card relates to you personally as well as what it can mean for others.

Don't forget to cleanse them.

When you first get a deck (and periodically as you use them), it is a good idea to cleanse and bless them. What you are doing is removing any lingering energies that may be there. You can do this by smoking them with sage or letting them rest under a clear quartz crystal. After that, place them in a sacred place like an altar or under the light of the full moon and ask for blessings. You want your cards to be charged and attuned to you for the best results.

No, Satan isn't going to visit you.

Well, I mean he won't if you don't invite him. 😂 Okay but seriously, this is a concern for some people. I understand. I believe that this is a part of the "sister wound." I will discuss this soon on the blog. Oracle and Tarot cards aren't inherently "evil." That is just a construct we as humans can (and some do) assign to cards. Just like essential oils and crystals aren't evil, decks are simply tools we use to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.