Staying Aligned When You Have Obligations


Yeah, alignment is great to talk about and all, but how am I supposed to stay in alignment when I have bills, a baby, and a job I hate??

Let's get real here.

Not all of us have luxury of taking a few days off or escaping to a beach to work on our spiritual alignment. We have screaming kids. We have bills due. We have to keep the lights on and the fridge stocked. Frankly, we got maybe 30 minutes a day. How am I supposed to stay in energetic alignment when all of these obligations are just in the way? 

First, ditch the word obligation. Take it out of your vocabulary. Don't even use it anymore. It's trash. Take it out to the street and leave it there. Wave good-bye to it as it is carried to the dump where it belongs. 👋

giphy (4).gif

When we are using the word obligation, it really is communicating a much deeper meaning than just describing something we "have" to do. When we find ourselves using the word obligation what we are really energetically saying is, "We deserve better than this. We are better than this. Our time is being wasted here. We have better things we could be doing." And while all of that may be true, it is sending a really, REALLY mixed message out there to the Universe.

When we use the word obligation what we are saying is that we feel powerless in a situation. We are saying we don't have control. We are saying that the world around us is controlling our decisions, feelings, and actions. When in reality, we ALWAYS have the control. We always have the power to change our perception, choices, thoughts, and emotions at any moment.

By describing our family events, jobs, or finances as obligations, we are giving up our power in whole sections of our lives at once and giving into the fear that we cannot control them. We are letting our ego take the wheel and it drives us straight into self-preservation mode where we forget how powerful we actually are. "I can't believe my boss is treating me this way. I wish I could leave! I wish I could get paid for something I love! I wish I had more free time! I wish I had money left over! I wish I didn't have this mortgage! But I have to do this!" This pattern can literally keep us locked in jobs and lifestyles we hate for DECADES.

By calling parts of our life obligations, we are affirming them. We are allowing them to continue regardless of how much we don't want them. We are sending the message out there into the Universe that we don't have power and we want more situations that make us feel that way. YIKES. 

So let's start to building awareness and shift past the feeling of powerlessness. Because the truth is you DO have all of the power and you ALWAYS will. You can always take action, change your perspective, feel another emotion, or make another choice at any moment. Our current circumstances are the result of past actions. All we have now are our actions of today, so our power is in the choices we make NOW.


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