Crystals for Opening Your Root Chakra


If you get mood swings, have trouble focusing, or you are experiencing a general "I need to get my shit together" attitude, it may be time to meditate and focus on opening and activating your root chakra.

Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine and is the first of the traditional seven chakra energy centers of the body. It is associated with your identity and foundation. It is the perfect place to begin if you are wanting to transform and take control of your life!

Crystals, stones, and minerals that are connected to the root chakra are typically black or red and they are used for grounding, purifying, releasing, and protection against negativity. They all have subtle differences and areas of focus.


Black Tourmaline

If you have an ex you need to get rid of or people that are draining energy from you, Black Tourmaline is here to cut that crap out of your life for you. If you use several, they can create a field of protection where ever you need. Some even use it near electronics to help counteract any negative effects of magnetic fields. It is also known as power purifier to help release chronic anxiety and feelings of unworthiness.

Black Obsidian

Obsidian is actually volcanic glass. Yeah, it is literally born from the fire of volcanoes. It can help you with some real shit. It is great for uncovering the shadow beyond your ego, so be ready to deal with some deep healing. It is also known to remove draining energetic "hooks" in your aura to provide a protective shield around you. So working with Black Obsidian is actually great for healing your past as well as ancestral pasts. 

Red Calcite

This is one I don't see talked about often. I really feel connected to my Red Calcite, so I am here to be its champion! Red Calcite is really good for detoxifying and connecting to your will. It can absorb and transmute negative energies you are carrying to help increase vitality, so be sure to cleanse it regularly.


If you need balance and clarity if your life, Hematite is for you. It is known to help improve memory and clear thoughts. Since it is made from oxidized iron, it is used to help purify the blood as well. But of it helps provide overall balance, it is a great stone to combine with Black Onyx and Black Tourmaline to help increase releasing and protection.

Black Onyx

If you are confused, erratic, or disoriented, Onyx helps provide stability and calmness to your life. Like Red Calcite, it can absorb and transmute negative energies, so it is perfect for releasing negativity and moving past old habits and relationships. Because it is good a releasing, it can also be used for processing grief and coping with depression.

Black Agate

Agate may be abundant AF, but black agate in particular is great for connecting to your fortitude. While it can help ground and protect like other black stones, it will also help you uncover inner strength to overcome obstacles and achieve victory. 


Thought to be named for the crucifixion of Jesus, Bloodstone is great for healing wounds. It can help you uncover your courage to overcome emotional obstacles. If you are feeling disconnected or overwhelmed, it is great for grounding yourself in your own body. Because it is both green and red, it is a double whammy! It can be used for healing the heart chakra as well as the root.

Red Jasper

This stone is all about empowerment and awakening. It can help you fight back against the those that drain you emotionally. It is also really great to helping heal wounds of sexual violence and reigniting your passion and creativity. Using Red Jasper also helps the process of awakening and raising Kundalini energy as well.