How to Quit Your 9 to 5 and Start a Spiritual Business

 Kira auf der Heide

Kira auf der Heide


Time for some honest and real advice. No fluff.

Let's talk about the dream: kissing your 9-5 job good-bye to make good stable money doing spiritually fulfilling work. Imagine working from where you want, doing what you want, and setting your own prices and hours all while sharing what comes naturally to you. Sounds too good to be true. Impossible even, but I am here to tell you it is so possible

With preparation, you can totally take on building your own successful spiritual business that both supports and fulfills you.

I've teamed up with a fellow spiritual business owner, Nannette Minley, to help those wanting to take the leap into being a spiritual business owner exactly like we did. This is a two part post! I am writing about the mindset tools you need on this journey, and Nannette is talking all of the business strategy you need. You can read her post on her blog here!


1 | Protect Your Energy

If you are still in a job where you are doing draining work or working with others that drain you, it is extremely important that you start to protect your energy! The reality is right now you are going to have to work on building your business on your off time. This means evenings, early mornings, breaks, and weekends. I don't say this to scare you! Just being honest. You have to preserve your energy so you can bring your A-game to the work you want to be doing! So make sure that you are being protective of where your energy goes. Show up to your 9-5, don't take things personally, don't engage with politics, and leave the work there when you leave. Come home, center yourself, take care of responsibilities, and ground yourself. Be super intentional with how spend your energy! When you sit down to focus on building your own business, be fully present! Stay conscious and be there for it instead of drifting off into wishing and dreaming your situation was different. 

2 | Commit to Your Growth

There will be a learning curve for you. We all have it. No matter how pretty our social profiles look, understand that you are probably looking at the thirtieth revision of our wording and brand. We have all refined over time. Remember during this process, be gentle with yourself. Don't compare yourself to others too much.

You are embarking on a journey where you are growing into a more powerful version of yourself. Just for starters, you will have to get to know the in's and out's of setting up a business license, getting clear about your vision, and learning how to market yourself. This process could be long and it could be discouraging at times. But really, this is very rewarding process! Building a spiritual business is the ultimate act of living on purpose. You are taking your life and future into your own hands. You are going to learn things about yourself that you had no idea were there. It is so important to trust yourself and your growth during this time. You will be challenged to grow into a higher versions of yourself over and over again. Trust that you can and always do rise to the occasion.

3 | Understand Risk is Always There 

You are about to be responsible for your income. No one to answer to. No job security. Risk is always going to be a part of the equation as you step into this new world. Again, not meaning to scare you! I told you this post was all about the honesty. 

Starting a spiritual business to share your gifts with the world means you are stepping into the world of entrepreneurialism. So let's talk about how you can mentally prepare for this transition into being an entrepreneur. From launching products to pitching to new clients, understand that this all takes practice! Like I said, you gotta be gentle with yourself. It is important to realize that you are always going to be growing. You will make mistakes. You will learn a lot during this whole process. It will feel awkward at times, but it is also really exciting! You will start to uncover more and more details about your purpose and how you relate to your work. And the more you deeply connected into who you are and how you function, the better you will be at showing up confidently and energetically for your work!!



Top 3 Biggest Law of Attraction Mistakes People Make


Law of Attraction is so glamorized on social media...

People that are very successful with the Law of Attraction seem like online celebrities sometimes. We definitely (including myself), put them on pedestals. How can we get there? Why do they get all of it?

If you aren't that familiar with what I am talking about, here's a very simple explanation of the Law of Attraction: if you focus on want you want then you can energetically attract it into your life. Pretty awesome, right? Seems simple on the surface, but in practice it gets deep quickly. It isn't as simple as it looks on social media. This is the reason I wanted to write this post. Let's take a more down-to-earth approach to the Law. Let's look at what it is like to use the Law of Attraction practically.

I have been consciously practicing and using the Law for years. It has brought crazy magical experiences and people into my life. In fact, the month I discovered back when I was 18, I manifested a new relationship and a new car...

Here are three common places that people get stuck when using the Law of Attraction:


1 | Focusing too hard on the future.

Lots of people use the term "placing your order" with the Universe when describing the Law of Attraction. It is true that you can call in, manifest, or attract things, but focusing too hard on WHAT you want or HOW you will get them is a very easy place to get stuck. Detachment is essential to the attraction process. Yeah, dumb right? How are you supposed to want something and not want it at the same time? This is a skill. Don't beat yourself up or expect yourself to be an expert right away. Capitalist societies condition us to constantly want from when we are toys, more food, more television, etc. We are conditioned to not be content. This mentality definitely seeps into other ares of our lives as we grow older...better relationships, more raises, and bigger houses. Energetically, learning detachment means moving from a vertical way of living to a horizontal one. Our perceptions move from viewing life as events that build off of each other, to viewing life as a shared experience with those around us. Detachment means living ONLY in the present. No worrying about controlling your future. No dwelling on mistakes and crap from the past. Placing your order and trusting the server will bring it to you.


2 | Not developing a consistent practice.

Typically, the process people learn when first starting out with the Law of Attraction is to list what they want and then visualize themselves living a life where they have it. Daily visualization is great but it is only one part of the puzzle here. Meditation and a self-love routine are just as important in the attraction process. And as much as I don't like routine, I really cannot knock the value that being consistent gives me. Consistent routines and rituals are literally the basis of ALL change. So visualizing a few times a week and then going back to unconsciously moving through your day is not effective for attracting. Living with intention instead of leaning back on auto-pilot is WAY more effective. The best way to start this process is to wake up 30 minutes earlier every morning. I know. I am a monster, but listen. It is AMAZING how much more you feel in control of your life when you intentionally make a few extra moments for yourself in the morning. Otherwise why are you getting up? Just for your kids? Your job? Without that intentional time, you are subconsciously telling yourself the external world controls you.

3 | Not allowing room for healing.

Law of Attraction works because we open ourselves to vulnerability and the possibility of more. If you have unhealed trauma or poor self worth, then you most likely blocking yourself and you don't even know it. All of us want lots of money and free time, but what if you had all of those things? Can you honestly accept those types of blessings in your life? I know I wasn't for a long time. The thought of me suddenly having tons of clients and trips around the world freaked me out a bit... How could I handle it all? Did I really want that? I didn't completely believe in my core that I was worthy of that type of life. I needed to work hard for it. I needed to struggle for it because "that is the way it is."  When we open ourselves up to possibilities without healing our emotional wounds, we cannot receive the greatness we are craving. Practicing forgiveness, meditation, journaling, healthier diets, inner child work, reiki, and more ways to heal yourself will catapult your ability to attract.


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The Fastest Way to Get in Alignment With The Life You Want


I am warning ya before you continue reading. You probably WON'T like the answer. 🤓

First, let's get clear on what alignment really is. Alignment is a healed state of being where connection and flow with your creativity and personal power is effortless. It is the place you want to be for you to receive all of the fun and joy that goes along with creating the life you want for yourself.

And, the fastest way to get into true your own alignment is by taking action towards the dream life you want to be living.

Not always fun, right? But really, making moves towards the life you want is the quickest way to get into your true aligned self.

How does knowing this make you feel? If you imagine yourself taking action right now towards what you want, what comes into your mind? Thoughts of doubt? Panic? Excitement? Uncertainty?

Our emotions are a compass to our deep inner self. And when we take action, the thoughts and emotions that come up point us directly to where we are misaligned. Knowing these emotions are important to understanding WHY we haven't achieved the results we want in our life yet. 


So when acting on the dream life, we are really doing two crucial things:

1 | We are pulling our patterns and limiting beliefs to the surface quickly.

Our thoughts are triggered by our emotions. Our emotions are triggered by the paradigm of beliefs we have about world and ourselves. True alignment and healing happens when we change our paradigm. This connection between our thoughts-emotions-paradigm is exactly why taking action works to put ourselves into alignment quickly. Imaging yourself taking a big step towards your dream life again--what thoughts come up? Are you doubtful? Do you maybe think it isn't possible? What emotions are below that? Unworthiness? Sadness? Fear? What must you believe that triggers this reaction? When did you decide you were not worthy of what you wanted? Is there a certain memory that comes up?

It gets deep quickly, right? But this is it! This is the type deep diving into ourselves that will lead us into truly aligned and healed state. Whatever you discover about yourself. It is important to remember to be GENTLE with yourself. No one grows without mistakes or bumps in the road. It is okay and you are always exactly where you are supposed to be in your learning process.


2 | We are signaling to the Universe at large that we are ready to play.

This is like an added bonus to the healing process of aligning ourselves. When we act, we are saying to our surroundings and the cosmos that we are ready to take part in the process of creating and receiving the dream life we want. It is like making the first move of chess. You are showing up and you are showing that you are ready to play. This is where all of the magic starts to go down. Opportunities and people will start to line up for you. Inspiration will hit you. You will find yourself in a place where you start to see a path forward.


**It is worth making a note because I have run into a problem when using action as a method to align myself. Obsessing and striving to achieve spiritual growth can be a mask for your ego. Yes, on the surface wanting to grow is a great thing. Wanting to grow with the intention of becoming powerful quickly is a different type of motivation.


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