radical healing for women


Do you feel like you’re sinking?

Are you withdrawing away from things you want to be doing?

Are your rituals, affirmations, or magic not working?

Are you at your breaking point?

You are exactly where you are meant to be.


If you are feeling the pull back into yourself, then it’s time for the real, releasing restorative work to begin.

There is a powerful, energetic, wild magic within you longing to reconnect. Each one of our egos has an unique anatomy. They wear several masks, but they all have one thing in common. They are warp our realities keeping us stuck in thoughts where we feel like worthless victims. The ego tries to keep us from the rawness of ourselves.

Because behind the ego, is our shadow—our deep, instinctual unconscious. And from the shadows, it drives the ego. It drives it blindly and fearfully until we are ready to look and see the Truth of who we are. It drives us into decisions and self fulfilling prophecies of failure and pain.

Your mind, body and spirit is asking you to dive deep back into your Truth. It is asking you to look past the ego and into the well of yourself. It is asking you to reconnect to your wild magic. It is asking you for radical and deep healing. It is asking you to integrate and bring it back into the light.

Are you ready?