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Join me, Sahara, Wednesday evening on April 4th for a free workshop on healing Inner Child work.


What's Inner Child Work? 

Inner Child Work is the process of contacting, processing, and healing the younger version of ourselves that still exists within our psyche. 


Learning the History

If you are feeling very, very stuck and like you cannot make any progress with your life vision or intentions, it may be time to do some deep healing work. This workshop is an intro into doing work with your own Inner Child. During the first part of our workshop we will cover where Inner Child Work came from, what is it, who uses it, and what is it good for!

Meeting Your Inner Child

Since Inner Child Work is deeply moving and personal, we will not be doing any actual "work" during the workshop. We will talk about several techniques and practices on how to contact our own Inner Child. We will go over owning our healing and how to know when it is necessary for us to deep dive into this kind of work. (It is important to note here that Inner Child Work is very transformative and can cause heavy memories to appear if you have had any trauma happen to you.)

Letting Go of Judgement

Yes, easier said than done, right? But practicing non-judgement is extremely important for Inner Child Work!! I mean it is essential. Most of our Inner Children feel neglected, dismissed, or invalidated. It is very important that we bring a gentleness with us when meeting our own Inner Child. We will definitely touch on how we can bring more non-judgement into our awareness before we do Inner Child Work!


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about the host


Hi! I'm Sahara and I am a Life Coach for conscious female entrepreneurs. It is my passion to make a big impact and create more fulfilling and kind job opportunities on a global scale. I do this by dedicating my practice to coaching spiritual and mindful women into the powerful entrepreneurs and business owners they crave to be!!

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