are you ready to allow magic into your life?


I offer spiritual + business guidance for entrepreneurs so they can shift into the alignment, uncover their true power, and create their greatest work.

It IS possible to create a life and business you want.

It IS possible to for you to be excited about the work you do AND make money.

It IS possible to for you to live a life sharing your talents and gifts with the world.

People are waiting for you to breakthrough, create your greatest work, + share your message!!



Do you want a more fulfilling and empowering life?

My limited Clarity Calls are designed for those that are ready to transform and create a more authentically aligned life + business.

In 20 minutes, we will define your greatest struggles and blocks and make moves to uncover your inner power. 

These calls include a free one card draw that will give us guidance one your greatest block right to living and creating the life you want. But, they are very limited! I only offer a handful of them a month. If you want to know when they are live, join my newsletter to be the first to know!



Do you envision your life with abundance and fulfillment but you can't find the path forward? Are you having trouble manifesting?

In 90 minutes, you will shift and put yourself on the path to your true alignment.

Using both Astrology + Tarot, we will discuss the areas of your life that need healing, discover key planetary placements that are governing you, and uncover your true destiny in this life.

Get ready life altering shifts + breakthroughs!


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Stay in your power and create a life + biz truly in alignment with YOU.

If you are ready transform your reality and live a life of fulfillment and abundance, I want to work with you!

Let's build your abundant business. Let's get you connected to your intuition. Let's get you activated with your destiny. Let's shift into your perfectly aligned life.

1 or 2 months options available!   

$555 - $1111

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"Sahara has been so knowledgeable and effective within her personal guidance. Her intuitive marketing skills are so powerful--yet simplistic and doable. If you are considering hiring her, don't hesitate! She's the real deal." 

-Serena Misquez


"Working with Sahara has been a blessing in disguise! She asked me questions that really made me open my mind, dive deep into my soul, regain the clarity that I needed. I loved that she genuinely cared about the process I was going through and was there to help out!"

-Kelsie Lacox

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✔︎ You understand the power of your own voice and experience.

✔︎ You validate and heal your pain, traumas, and wounds of the past.

✔︎ You become an action-taker instead of checking out and distracting yourself.

✔︎ You instinctively know what is right for you and your business.

✔︎ You are self aware of your strengths and align yourself with your intentions.

✔︎ You understand which social media platforms are right for your business.

✔︎ You feel transformational shifts in your life and biz.


want to work together? check if I have clarity calls available!