Hi! If we haven't met yet, I'm Sahara and I support conscious and mindful female entrepreneurs so they can build their aligned dream life and businesses.

Women hire me to support them in acting on the grand vision they have for their lives and businesses. I help them step out of a life ruled by stress, overthinking, and worry. We break habits of perfectionism and busy work. I guide them into a new reality where they act and build their dream lives with ease and natural flow.

When we work together, women get unstuck. They have breakthroughs. Their truly aligned self appears and they activate their real purpose for their lives and businesses.

It is my passion to create more fulfilling and kind job opportunities on a global scale. I do this by dedicating my practice to coaching spiritual and mindful women into the powerful entrepreneurs and business owners they crave to be!


What do I do?

I coach conscious, spiritual, and mindful online female entrepreneurs so they can shift into alignment, connect with their inner power, and create the fulfilling life + business they are craving. When women hire me, they are looking to quickly leave behind their stress and worry and start acting on and building a wealthy life in true alignment with their values and passions.

What is alignment?

Alignment is a healed state of being where connection and flow with your creativity and personal power is effortless. 

What kind of women do you work with?

I work with conscious, mindful, and spiritual online entrepreneurs with strong and passionate visions for their future. They are here to make an impact, create wealth, lead by example, and truly have it all. They have tried a hundred different strategies and reached burnout on all of them. They know what to do and what they want, but they can't quite get to a place where it all works cohesively.

How do you help these women?

I am a certified Life Coach. I work with women for three months or longer to dive deep into their core identity, their values, and life vision. We work together to build their vision and to heal all of the emotional and mental blocks they have on acting from their place of power.


"Sahara's entrepreneur skills and mystical wisdom makes a powerful combination. My session with Sahara left me feeling inspired, excited and eager to move forward with my spiritual coaching business, which led me to gain more clients and the ability to hone in on my vision like never before!"

-Shan M.


"Working with Sahara has been a blessing in disguise! She asked me questions that really made me open my mind, dive deep into my soul, regain the clarity that I needed. I loved that she genuinely cared about the process I was going through and was there to help out!"

-Kelsie L.

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How do I get started?

Book a free alignment audit with me below! We will chat on the phone about where you are currently, what your vision is for the future, and how compatible we are with each other before moving forward!