Hi! I'm Sahara and I support female empaths, healers, and lightworkers that are ready to become the most powerful versions of themselves.

I grew up a child of a narcissist and an empath. I deeply understand the pain and inner workings of what it means to be empathic and disempowered. This is my life's work to help heal and show others that their gentleness and kindness is powerful and not a weakness.

Women hire me to support them in creating balance in their lives so they can make decisions with confidence. I help them break habits of over thinking and over giving, avoidance, and worry. We work through why we are holding onto perfectionism. We learn how to make big decisions with ease. Together, we align ourselves on a deep nourishing soul level with the lives we want to be living.

When we work together, women blossom. They have breakthroughs. Their truly aligned self appears and they activate their real soul purpose for their lives.

Are you ready for a fully excited and aligned life?




What do you do?

I coach empaths, healers, and lightworkers on how to become the most powerful versions of themselves. When women hire me, they are looking to quickly leave behind their stress, uncertainty, and worry to act on building a balanced life in true alignment with their desires.

What is alignment?

Alignment is a process. It is a when we are in full integrity with what we truly want and are able to act on it without fear.

What kind of women do you work with?

I work with empathic women that are truly ready to embrace change and take full ownership of their actions. They have tried a hundred different ways to balance their emotions, help others, but they still feel constantly drained. They are ready for a better reality for themselves where they can still share their gifts and feel empowered doing so.

How do you help these women?

I am a certified Life Coach. I work 1:1 with women for one off sessions or a few months to dive deep into their core identity, learn the power of choice, and overcoming perfectionism. We work together to act on their and to heal all of the emotional and mental blocks they have on acting from their place of owning their empathic power.


How do I get started?

Book a free call with me below! We will chat on the phone about where you are currently, what your vision is for the future, and how compatible we are with each other before moving forward.


What do you offer?

I offer 1:1 breakthrough sessions and coaching starting at $333.

Due to the nature of 1:1 coaching, I take a limited number of women to coach each month so I can make sure I fully support them. Each month, I only open TWO spots available for coaching.


What can I expect during our time together?

  • Full support framework for your journey of creating a balanced life where you learn how to become aligned and unafraid to act on what you want.

  • With 1:1 coaching: weekly 60-minute meetings, personal progress login, daily access via chat, and free access to any paid content.

  • Guidance on how to develop a strong self-awareness muscle and boundaries that will continue to heal areas of your life for years to come.

  • Breakthroughs in multiple areas of your life as you uncover patterns and beliefs that have kept you out of your powerful empathic activated self.



"My session with Sahara left me feeling inspired, excited and eager to move forward with my spiritual coaching business, which led me to gain more clients and the ability to hone in on my vision like never before!"

-Shan M.


"Sahara asked me questions that really made me open my mind, dive deep into my soul, regain the clarity that I needed. I loved that she genuinely cared about the process I was going through and was there to help out!"

-Kelsie L.

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