No I Won't Regret My Tattoos


I have small and big tattoos. I have ones hidden by clothing and ones I can’t hide. I have ones I got on a whim and ones I planned out for years before I decided to get done.

I am not sure if it is because I am a woman or that the people in my life didn’t really understand, but when I first started getting tattoos others seemed to feel obligated to give me their opinions on priorities. I know that I am not the only one that has had this happen to them.


And I mean, I have heard it all. “You are such a pretty girl. Why are you doing this? I could never do that. Think of your wedding day. You’ll never get a job. What were you thinking? Your priorities are screwed up.”

In actuality, I am still a “pretty girl” even with tattoos. Dare I even say, I can be a professional and independent woman? (Gasp!) I have yet to be turned down for a corporate job because of my tattoos. (And quite frankly if I was, then it probably really wasn't a place I would have liked to work at anyway.) But what about my wedding day? Call me crazy, but I don’t want to live my entire life controlled by a special twenty minute ceremony that may or may not happen…

I don’t think that makes my priorities screwed up. I think that just means they are different…


I have liked tattoos since I was a child. At twenty-eight, don’t think I am going to suddenly develop a distaste for tattoo art… I like the idea of wearing my memories, emotions, beliefs, and fears on my skin for the world to see. I guess it is kind of poetic… If people want to judge me for that then I guess they really are judging a book by the cover. They probably aren't healthy people for be to be hanging out with anyway.

So regret? Let me worry about that. When I grow old and my skin ages, I will be an old lady with kick ass tattoos and hopefully a motorcycle to match. 🤘

And remember: