Is Depression or Is It Burnout?


So, you get all of your blog posts and content ready. You spend hours finding or creating the right photos and scheduling your social media. You hit publish and barely anyone reads your post. A few people opt-in to your email list. Maybe a few subscribe to your YouTube or follow you on Instagram.

You figure that's alright. You got to just keep pushing if you are growing a following. You spend the next weeks doing the same thing over and over again. You map it all out creatively. You take just the right pictures. You post and post without any traction. No one is following you. You feel like your days are just wasted marketing to no one.

After a month or two, you just give up. You feel depression creeping in. You’d rather sleep or binge on Netflix. Why the fuck even try? Your profiles go days or weeks without posts when you slowly realize why you started all this in the first place...

You have to get this side hustle off the ground. You may not have followers yet but inconsistent posting isn’t helping you grow either. Besides what’s your other option? Stay in your retail job? Stay in your nine to five? Settle? Um, fuck no.

In actuality, what you are feeling may not even be depression at all… Yeah you may feel sad, but the core cause of it is most likely burnout.

You're spinning and spinning your wheels trying to fit yourself in a box, trying to take the best pictures, and trying to schedule your posts at the best times. The real problem may just be that you aren't targeting and speaking to the right people. Visitors are reading your work, but they don't have a reason to stick around, so you are stuck in this cycle where you feel like you are creating content no one. 

Here's are three questions to ask yourself right now if you think you are stuck in this cycle:


1 | Who is your Audience?

Have you considered what kind of person you'd like to visit your site? Who do you want to attract to your business? Are you casting too wide of a net and trying to appeal to everyone? Are you putting enough of you into your messaging? Brainstorm about your ideal customer or follower. What would they be interested in?

2 | What value do you bring?

Sure, people like to look at inspirational pictures or quotes but what value are you bringing your audience? Are you speaking to their pain points? Are you providing a solution for them? What kind of struggles do they have? Your content should be geared for them not just things you are interested in.

3 | Would you click on your Headline?

Be honest. If you were scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, would you stop and clickthrough on your post? If not, it is time to have some humility and revisit your messaging. Is it interesting? Is it providing value? Or is it just something you like? Your post should make people feel like they are missing out if they don't at least check out the site.


Do you experience burnout? What strategies do you use to avoid it?