Episode 1: Trauma and Spirituality

 "Experience So Lucid Discovery So Clear" by Cameron Gray

"Experience So Lucid Discovery So Clear" by Cameron Gray


Just a disclaimer, in this episode I discuss my point of view and experience when it comes to dealing with pain, depression, and anxiety. Please understand that I do believe everyone's path is different. If healing yourself with the help of therapy, medication, meditation, self-help, spirituality, or any combination of these is right for you, then listen and honor your intuition. You know what is best for you.

I talk about one of the key principles of manifestation in episode one. To bring or attract something into your life, you must experience the emotions and the belief that you already have what you desire. By becoming an emotional "vibrational" match, you will manifest what you seek into your life. It seems simple enough but for those that deal or have dealt with trauma or abuse, it is not so easy. Especially if someone is a victim and has no frame of reference for faith.

For those that have been abused or were born into trauma, a significant amount of healing and reprogramming has to happen before they can begin to draw the experiences they want into their life.

I reference the best way to beginning the healing process is by working with what Carl Jung calls the "inner child." By giving it space and a safe outlet to express, pain can be addressed and transformed. He even created archetypes to help label and identify traits that inner children can have.

If you'd like to explore more on what manifestation is, I suggest you start with this video here from Abraham-Hicks.


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