How to Create Engaging Content for Facebook Groups


You know how everyone says it goes down in the DM’s? Well, it really does go down in the Facebook Groups. 

If you are interested in creating a group for your audience or you manage one already that isn’t engaging or growing the way you’d like, then I am definitely here to come to your rescue. I have managed and scaled a corporate group of over 8,000 workers to the point of it needing consistent monitoring seven days a week. I have created content calendars and campaigns for engagement. I have even done creative marketing sessions and delegated campaigns to a team to execute.

When I first started joining business groups, I immediately noticed issues that were perpetuating low engagement. Groups are such a valuable resource since Facebook is the most intimate platform you can network and connect on these days.

Based off of my trials and experience, these are the best tips you can start using right now for your group: 


1 | Cut Through the Noise

You always need to have this goal in the back of your mind as a group admin. You are competing for attention. When you sit down to work on the structure of your content calendar, think what can I do to stand out? What is the purpose of my group? Is it a training hub? A networking center? How can I make it a place people seek out regularly instead of relying on the newsfeed algorithm to show posts for me? Create content with the purpose and goal of your group in mind.

2 | Add Variety, Damn It

The idea of having themed days looks great on paper, but it gets old quickly. I have personally tried having weekly themed posts and it looses engagement almost immediately after the second week. People get bored or they just expect it thinking, “Oh, I’ll just hit it up the next time around.” Think about it. If your favorite television station just played the same five to ten episodes of Law and Order SVU over and over again, you'd get tired of it too. You'd eventually stop tuning in and move on to something else.

3 | Don’t Be Afraid of Live

Seriously, don’t be afraid of Facebook Live. Live streaming and virtual reality are the future of social media. Just go ahead and start practicing now. Live is such a unique marketing tool. You really get an opportunity to show off your personality and highlight what makes you different on the platform that people spend most of their time on. Plus, it is so much more memorable than a just a photo post. Get over the "I hate the sound of my voice" thing and just do it.

4 | Progress not Perfection

I understand the need of wanting everything to have a certain aesthetic or to have everything roll out perfectly, but content is a living breathing thing. Plan your posts and live streams with your group's purpose and goals for growth in mind. Execute, be different, then assess how it could have gone better. We are looking for progress not perfection here. You being a practitioner of content is going to help you grow faster than just worrying about planning.

5 | Authentically Automate

If you need to have automation because of your life scehdule, I understand it is a necessary evil. But like any social media scheduling, ask yourself if it is something you’d actually click on or engage with before you just automate and forget. Be honest with yourself. Is the headline something you'd click on? If not, amp it up. Get into the why of your post. Why should someone care about this? Why am I sharing? Good content is based off of research and is goal-oriented. Great content is based off of research, incorporates your strengths, and speaks to your audience's pain points in your own brand voice. Make sure you are thinking before automating.


Do you manage a business Facebook Group? What are your greatest struggles? What strategies have you used to improve engagement?