Yes, You Can Want Money and Not Be Ego-Driven


Spiritual people (including myself) really have a tight grip on how money should be used.

Somehow, we have all gotten it in our heads that money is a bad thing and you had to do bad things to get it. And given some of the evidence of the wealthy people we have here in America at least, it is not that big of a leap even if it is dramatic. Like Jane Sincero says in You Are a Money Making Badass, we treat money like a sexual taboo. “Both money and sex can provide unthinkable pleasures, birth new life, and inspire violence and divorce. We’re ashamed if we don’t have it, we’re even more ashamed to admit we want it, we will do things/people we’re not nuts about in order to get it."

Well, I am here to talk about it. We are all for sex education. I am here to drop some wealth education on ya. I am here to talk about it specifically with spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs.

Spirituality, conciseness, and wealth are not mutually exclusive things. Let's break it down:


1 | Money has power because we believe in it.

If this isn't a testament to faith and belief, I don't know what is. The economy literally works because we all decided to believe in it. Isn't that crazy?? We all agreed to see numbers on a screen as currency. We all agreed that they represent pieces of paper that we also agreed have value. And that is what money is: it is the shadow of value. It is the physical representation of what we deem valuable to us. That's it. It is all made up! To me, it almost doesn't seem real. It is all made up and we let it dictate so much of how we live our lives.

2 | Wealth is relative.

Value is relative and so is wealth. While one person may view wealth as traveling the world or owning a penthouse, another may view it as simply paying off a house for their family. We all have different value systems and wealth looks different to all of us. What you choose to spend your money on may not be the same as what your friends would spend theirs on because we all have different things that we perceive as valuable. Here's an example: I would never go to Starbucks every day for coffee. But, I know that there are people that go almost every day because it is more valuable to them to get their coffee made to-go. See? They will allocate money for that because it brings them some kind of value. I will allocate money for other things because that is not valuable to me.

3 | Wealth does not equal bad.

If you have wealth, it doesn't mean you are corrupt. If you have wealth, it doesn't mean you are a bad person. If you have wealth, it doesn't mean you took advantage of people to get it.  Example, would you say that your local family-owned breakfast joint that does extremely well every weekend is corrupt? No. You wouldn't. I am challenging you here: Look for more evidence of wealth than just corrupt politicians and multi-million dollar oil executives. Look for evidence of those out there using their wealth for building communities, creating non-profits, or starting spiritual centers. There is so much more out there, and we are focusing on what we don't like.

4 | Take wealth off the pedestal.

So here's your one and only action item for this post. If you want to attain or start generating more wealth, start by mentally taking money off the lofty pedestal. It is not the end-all-be-all of the world. It won't solve all of your problems. It is not just for other people. It is for you too. If you are pushing it up and away from you, then you are also putting yourself down and below it. You are mentally putting yourself in a place where you can't even act. And if you are focusing too hard on obligations, you are probably definitely feeling stuck. The more you practice understanding it is for you and it can be for you NOW, the more you will find yourself getting ideas and wanting to act on it. Because you haven't pushed it into the unattainable area, you will start to feel more and more comfortable taking action and welcoming it into your life.


The faster that we believe that we, the spiritually conscious entrepreneurs, deserve wealth too, the faster money can shift so we can create better lives for ourselves and those around us.

It is time to let go of the belief that poverty and struggle are a cloak all spiritual people should wear. You aren't bad for wanting money. Money is just the thing that communicates value. You know what you value for your life. You want money because you know you could bless your life and bless those around you. You know how you would use the wealth to create a better world and community around you.

It's time to change the game.


You Can't Prepare for Your Dream Business


I want to dismantle this idea... Over worrying and over preparing does NOT put you ahead of any "competition."

Your willingness to over extend your mental energy doesn't give you an edge on anyone else. If you spend your 15 hours a day "hustling" and you still aren't growing your business or getting clients, it is time to reassess. Because in actuality, all of this worrying and preparing is only hurting you. It is scattering your energy.

If you are sitting at your desk and posting all over social media scared no one is going to like your posts or that you aren't doing anything correctly, I am talking to you here. Here are some steps right not to slow down and make sure you are building your business in alignment with what you truly want.


Get even more clear.

If you have been spinning your wheels trying to get your brand or business off the ground, here is your new goal: clarity. You may think you already know what you want and deserve, but take some time to dig deeper. What is the real reason behind what you are trying to achieve? What impact are you looking to make in the world? How does it connect to your experiences? Does this connect to what you are trying to do now?

Get out of learning mode.

If you are in the middle of taking courses, reading books, and taking challenges, it is time to get more aware. Are these things pushing you forward? Or are they busy work? Are they substituting for you carrying out what you really want to be doing? Are they a distraction? What are you really learning? Awareness around preparing too much will help you cut the fat and realign your perspective.

Stop following.

Take a break from social media. Don't follow your idols and business crush's every move. Don't get me wrong, it is great to have those you look up to, but don't just be a consumer! Disconnect and reconnect with your inner self and voice. Make sure you are producing not just consuming. Find your center and create from your center. Unfollow certain profiles for a bit. Download a timer for your browser to see how much time you are really spending on social media. Or, try leaving your house or workspace for a bit without your phone.

Act now, fix later.

It is all a process and the process is always your greatest teacher. Building a brand or creating something big requires movement. If you have been working on launching a project or writing posts for months, keep going! Your greatest learning will come from the feedback you get on your projects and creations so far. Take notice of those that are following you. Who are they? What are they about? How can you create for them? Keep acting for them because not everyone knows how to launch and market at the beginning. But every time you do it, you will learn and reassess until you become better and better!


Staying Aligned When You Have Obligations


Yeah, alignment is great to talk about and all, but how am I supposed to stay in alignment when I have bills, a baby, and a job I hate??

Let's get real here.

Not all of us have luxury of taking a few days off or escaping to a beach to work on our spiritual alignment. We have screaming kids. We have bills due. We have to keep the lights on and the fridge stocked. Frankly, we got maybe 30 minutes a day. How am I supposed to stay in energetic alignment when all of these obligations are just in the way? 

First, ditch the word obligation. Take it out of your vocabulary. Don't even use it anymore. It's trash. Take it out to the street and leave it there. Wave good-bye to it as it is carried to the dump where it belongs. 👋

giphy (4).gif

When we are using the word obligation, it really is communicating a much deeper meaning than just describing something we "have" to do. When we find ourselves using the word obligation what we are really energetically saying is, "We deserve better than this. We are better than this. Our time is being wasted here. We have better things we could be doing." And while all of that may be true, it is sending a really, REALLY mixed message out there to the Universe.

When we use the word obligation what we are saying is that we feel powerless in a situation. We are saying we don't have control. We are saying that the world around us is controlling our decisions, feelings, and actions. When in reality, we ALWAYS have the control. We always have the power to change our perception, choices, thoughts, and emotions at any moment.

By describing our family events, jobs, or finances as obligations, we are giving up our power in whole sections of our lives at once and giving into the fear that we cannot control them. We are letting our ego take the wheel and it drives us straight into self-preservation mode where we forget how powerful we actually are. "I can't believe my boss is treating me this way. I wish I could leave! I wish I could get paid for something I love! I wish I had more free time! I wish I had money left over! I wish I didn't have this mortgage! But I have to do this!" This pattern can literally keep us locked in jobs and lifestyles we hate for DECADES.

By calling parts of our life obligations, we are affirming them. We are allowing them to continue regardless of how much we don't want them. We are sending the message out there into the Universe that we don't have power and we want more situations that make us feel that way. YIKES. 

So let's start to building awareness and shift past the feeling of powerlessness. Because the truth is you DO have all of the power and you ALWAYS will. You can always take action, change your perspective, feel another emotion, or make another choice at any moment. Our current circumstances are the result of past actions. All we have now are our actions of today, so our power is in the choices we make NOW.


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