How to Quit Your 9-5 + Start a Spiritual Business - Mindset Edition

 Kira auf der Heide

Kira auf der Heide


Time for some honest and real advice. No fluff.

Let's talk about the dream: kissing your 9-5 job good-bye to make good stable money doing spiritually fulfilling work. Imagine working from where you want, doing what you want, and setting your own prices and hours all while sharing what comes naturally to you. Sounds too good to be true. Impossible even, but I am here to tell you it is so possible

With preparation, you can totally take on building your own successful spiritual business that both supports and fulfills you.

I've teamed up with a fellow spiritual business owner, Nannette Minley, to help those wanting to take the leap into being a spiritual business owner exactly like we did. This is a two part post! I am writing about the mindset tools you need on this journey, and Nannette is talking all of the business strategy you need. You can read her post on her blog here!


1 | Protect Your Energy

If you are still in a job where you are doing draining work or working with others that drain you, it is extremely important that you start to protect your energy! The reality is right now you are going to have to work on building your business on your off time. This means evenings, early mornings, breaks, and weekends. I don't say this to scare you! Just being honest. You have to preserve your energy so you can bring your A-game to the work you want to be doing! So make sure that you are being protective of where your energy goes. Show up to your 9-5, don't take things personally, don't engage with politics, and leave the work there when you leave. Come home, center yourself, take care of responsibilities, and ground yourself. Be super intentional with how spend your energy! When you sit down to focus on building your own business, be fully present! Stay conscious and be there for it instead of drifting off into wishing and dreaming your situation was different. 

2 | Commit to Your Growth

There will be a learning curve for you. We all have it. No matter how pretty our social profiles look, understand that you are probably looking at the thirtieth revision of our wording and brand. We have all refined over time. Remember during this process, be gentle with yourself. Don't compare yourself to others too much.

You are embarking on a journey where you are growing into a more powerful version of yourself. Just for starters, you will have to get to know the in's and out's of setting up a business license, getting clear about your vision, and learning how to market yourself. This process could be long and it could be discouraging at times. But really, this is very rewarding process! Building a spiritual business is the ultimate act of living on purpose. You are taking your life and future into your own hands. You are going to learn things about yourself that you had no idea were there. It is so important to trust yourself and your growth during this time. You will be challenged to grow into a higher versions of yourself over and over again. Trust that you can and always do rise to the occasion.

3 | Understand Risk is Always There 

You are about to be responsible for your income. No one to answer to. No job security. Risk is always going to be a part of the equation as you step into this new world. Again, not meaning to scare you! I told you this post was all about the honesty. 

Starting a spiritual business to share your gifts with the world means you are stepping into the world of entrepreneurialism. So let's talk about how you can mentally prepare for this transition into being an entrepreneur. From launching products to pitching to new clients, understand that this all takes practice! Like I said, you gotta be gentle with yourself. It is important to realize that you are always going to be growing. You will make mistakes. You will learn a lot during this whole process. It will feel awkward at times, but it is also really exciting! You will start to uncover more and more details about your purpose and how you relate to your work. And the more you deeply connected into who you are and how you function, the better you will be at showing up confidently and energetically for your work!!



Ready to take the leap full-time into your own spiritual business?


To read Nannette Minley's strategic advice on how to quit your 9-5, visit her post here


You Can't Prepare for Your Dream Business


I want to dismantle this idea... Over worrying and over preparing does NOT put you ahead of any "competition."

Your willingness to over extend your mental energy doesn't give you an edge on anyone else. If you spend your 15 hours a day "hustling" and you still aren't growing your business or getting clients, it is time to reassess. Because in actuality, all of this worrying and preparing is only hurting you. It is scattering your energy.

If you are sitting at your desk and posting all over social media scared no one is going to like your posts or that you aren't doing anything correctly, I am talking to you here. Here are some steps right not to slow down and make sure you are building your business in alignment with what you truly want.


Get even more clear.

If you have been spinning your wheels trying to get your brand or business off the ground, here is your new goal: clarity. You may think you already know what you want and deserve, but take some time to dig deeper. What is the real reason behind what you are trying to achieve? What impact are you looking to make in the world? How does it connect to your experiences? Does this connect to what you are trying to do now?

Get out of learning mode.

If you are in the middle of taking courses, reading books, and taking challenges, it is time to get more aware. Are these things pushing you forward? Or are they busy work? Are they substituting for you carrying out what you really want to be doing? Are they a distraction? What are you really learning? Awareness around preparing too much will help you cut the fat and realign your perspective.

Stop following.

Take a break from social media. Don't follow your idols and business crush's every move. Don't get me wrong, it is great to have those you look up to, but don't just be a consumer! Disconnect and reconnect with your inner self and voice. Make sure you are producing not just consuming. Find your center and create from your center. Unfollow certain profiles for a bit. Download a timer for your browser to see how much time you are really spending on social media. Or, try leaving your house or workspace for a bit without your phone.

Act now, fix later.

It is all a process and the process is always your greatest teacher. Building a brand or creating something big requires movement. If you have been working on launching a project or writing posts for months, keep going! Your greatest learning will come from the feedback you get on your projects and creations so far. Take notice of those that are following you. Who are they? What are they about? How can you create for them? Keep acting for them because not everyone knows how to launch and market at the beginning. But every time you do it, you will learn and reassess until you become better and better!