50 Ideas for Authentic Content


Are you nervous about putting more of you in your business or site? Are you afraid people won't like your weirdness? Are you afraid of judgmental comments?

Well, first of all, what the hell? You are awesome and different. Own the shit out of that!

Second, I created this of content ideas to help show off your individuality and express yourself in ways you may have not have thought of yet. Even if the theme isn't an exact fit for your audience, take an idea and run with it! Just make sure you are still providing value for them.

Trust me, your audience likes when you are authentic and vulnerable with them. Be different! At the end of the day, people want to connect with people not a business or site.



What I Ate in a Day - A perfect topic if you follow a special diet! There are whole channels with this kind of content on YouTube. Try your hand at making a post or video about it!

Favorite Go-To Smoothie Recipe - For example, I love green smoothies! Create a new recipe or share one you love to make regularly.

Share a Family Recipe - Does your family have a special holiday recipe? Does Grandma having a special cookie recipe? 

Best Restaurants in Your Hometown - Your hometown may seem boring to you, but there are billions of other people in the world that haven't even thought about your town.

Try Out a New Recipe from Pinterest - This one can be humorous or informative depending on your level of cooking skill. Choose something you've always wanted to try and show a side-by-side comparison of the end result.

Quick Healthy Power Snacks - Make some easy high nutrition snacks with your favorite foods and get creative with the photography!

Try a Meal Prep Challenge - If you aren't used to it, meal prep can be an undertaking. Challenge yourself to a budget and document your weekly meals.

Share Your Grocery List - Another good topic if you have a special diet! Even better share your list as downloadable freebie. Make is a challenge to spend as little as possible and show off your haul.

Share Your Favorite Cocktail Recipe - Almost everyone likes a good drink. Is vodka your favorite? Maybe gin? Why? Invite over a friend and document your fun making fancy drinks!



Build an Outfit Based on a Book - What's your favorite book? Build a look by selecting accessories and clothes inspired by a favorite character or fictional place.

Who are your Fashion Idols - David Bowie? A fashion blogger? Who inspires you and why.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe - A capsule wardrobe is a minimalist wardrobe with very versatile pieces. Try making a seasonal wardrobe and do a photoshoot!

Write About a Fashion Trend You Wish Was Over - Are you done with chokers? Over the obsession with holographic everything? Be opinionated. 

Dress Up and Dress Down the Same Outfit - Show off your style by making the same clothes causal and also ready for a night out!

Create a Look for Going out to See a Concert - Better yet, create different looks for different genres of music. For example, what would you wear to a rock show verses what would you wear to a rave? 

Create an Outfit by Clashing Two Styles - Festival and punk? Casual and Victorian? Get weird with it.

Create an Outfit from the Thrift Store - Visit your local thrift store and make a look with only items you find there. Tell us how much you paid!



Lipsticks You’ll Stop Buying When You're Dead - Do you have lipsticks that you have bought multiple times? Why do you keep going back to them?

A Vampy Everyday Look - Vampy looks don't have to be just for autumn. Make a dark look that works for everyday!

Round up of Your Favorite Beauty Instagram Accounts - Which accounts do you follow for beauty inspiration?

Create a No-makeup Makeup Look - Try to look as natural as possible with makeup. Take a before and after shot!

Rock n’ Roll Hair Tutorial - Get the teasing comb out and channel your favorite rockstar. Try extensions or different colors. 

Make a Night Out Look with Only Drugstore Makeup - Create a look with only products from a drugstore. Make the challenge more interesting by staying under a certain budget!

Try Out and Extra Nail Art Look - Could be funny depending on your level of nail painting skills. Check out Instagram for some over the top nail art ideas and try to recreate on yourself.

Challenge Yourself to Recreate an Instagram Eye Look - Again, could be funny depending on your level of makeup skill. Choose something out of your comfort zone!



Letter to Your Middle School Self - What life lessons have you learned along the way? What would you tell your younger self?

Share How You Met Your Spouse/Significant Other - How long have you been together? What's your story?

Write About Body Acceptance - Women need to hear each other's stories. What are your struggles?

Share Why You Started Your Blog or Site - Do you have a business? A hobby? Why start a site? What's your online journey been like? 

Tour of Your Studio or Workspace - Show us where the magic happens!

Document Your Spring Cleaning - Could be therapeutic or emotionally draining... Write about what you discover!

Share What Inspires You to Be Better - Do you have someone you look up to? Maybe a goal that keeps you going?

Show and Tell Post about Your Tattoos - People without tattoos love to hear why people get them. Take a cool photo shoot and show off your tats!

Share A Playlist of Your Favorite Bands - Even better, share a playlist of songs you listened to in high school verses now.



Critique Famous Travel Spots - Have you visited famous cities? Do they live up to the hype?

Street Art of Your Hometown - Explore around your neighborhood art district. Show off your city's creative side. Research the local artists and see if they'd like to be interviewed!

Visit a Local Theme Park - Spend a day documenting a fun day at your local amusement park! You are guaranteed to find some great photo ops!

A City Guide of your Hometown - No one knows a city like a local! Share the best restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops, attractions, and unique things about your hometown.

Find the Best Bookstores in a New City - People always like to discover new coffee joints, but what about bookstores? They can be just as cozy and magical!

Best Places for to Take an Instagram Photo in a City - Again, you may think your hometown is boring, but there are literally billions of people that have never been there. Find the most creative places for a selfie around town.

Share Travel Friendly Outfit - Do you have a comfy outfit you love to fly in? Grab your luggage and do a small photo shoot to show off your style.

Show What’s in Your Carry-On - The what's-in-my-bag travel edition! Explain why you choose each item or make a video describing why you can't leave home without it.



A Monthly Blog Income Report - Have you made money from your blog or site? Outline your income for your readers to show them it is possible to make money online.

Books That Changed Your Business - Have you read books that changed your outlook? Ones that made you grow as an entrepreneur?

What Would Wish You Would’ve Known as A Newbie Blogger - Did you have a rocky start with your online business or site? Outline some tips you wish you would have thought of when you started your journey.

Podcasts You Can’t Live Without - Do you have podcasts you listen to weekly? Which ones have helped you grow your business?

List Your Favorite Business Resources - Facebook groups, YouTube channels, courses, blogs, email lists? Are you a part of a business community?

Show How You Edit Your Blog Photos - make a video or write a step-by-step tutorial of how you edit your photos for your site.

Interview a Fellow Creator Your Audience Would Like - Interview another blogger or creator you admire to share with your audience!

Share a Social Media Strategy That Works For You - Have you had success growing on one or multiple platforms? What strategies have you used?