5 Signs You're A Rebel


1 | You Don’t Give a Fuck

People don’t like your attitude? You say, “Get in line.” You are used to people telling you are rude and assertive. You can be a real porcupine sometimes, but you know what you want and you are determined to get it. As far as you’re concerned, people just aren’t fighting hard enough for what they want in life!

2 | You Question Everything

I mean everything. From religion to simple directions, you are always motivated by the why. You need this report by end of day? Why? You want me to wear these clothes? Why? I am supposed to settle down and buy a house? Why? If you don’t like the answer you are probably going to let that rebel instinct take over and say, "Oh, fuck off!”


3 | You Like Weird Shit

You like what you like. The weirder the better. From crazy hair to tattoos, self expression is a priority for you. You collect oddities and art that speaks to your special brand of weird. Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable, right? You're used to people giving you weird looks and sometimes people have no problem being openly judgmental to you. Halloween is most likely your favorite holiday.

You Have the 'No' Reflex

You tend to be needlessly defiant. Without thinking you push back and say no to situations that may not call for it. Even simple directions can feel like your fighting the system. Don't tell me what to do. I do what I want. This can sometimes get you in trouble in you're work life, but really it comes down to your need to lead not follow.


5 | You Have an Insatiable Thirst for More

You love to push the boundaries of society and yourself. You love the idea of extended travel or chasing a challenge. You want to be, see, and do more. You may have feelings of your hometown being too small for you or wanting to try out the nomadic lifestyle. You welcome change because you know it is an opportunity to grow and push yourself to new heights


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