You are always one decision away from a totally different life.


If you are like me, you have yearned for something more for most of your adult life.

But life keeps crashing into with its salty waves. It washes over you again and again eroding your senses to the truth. Traumas, wounds, and pain develop that keep you from the truth.

And the TRUTH is that you are powerful beyond measure. You are connected and every living thing on the planet and it is connected to you. You are one. And oneness is calling you back...

I am here to walk beside you, and not in front of you.

Together we will deeply learn vigilance.

We will learn vigilance of being open. We will learn the vigilance of the heart, the vigilance of sacral intuition, and the vigilance of inspiration.

We will walk together through the shadows to uncover blockages.

We will discover the right tools for you on your energetic journey.

We will unlearn what the waves of life has taught us.

We will validate our wounds.

We will heal and reconnect to our truth.

We will uncover our greatest power.

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