Character, like a photography, develops in darkness.

My intention is to light thousands of candles, connect people with their inner intuition, and support them in activating their destiny. 


Core Values: Transformation, Support, + Empowerment


I grew up in Alabama where I went to Catholic school for twelve years. I love the strange and unusual. But in Alabama, I didn't feel like I was accepted for my passions or strange and unusual tastes...    

In 2015, I moved out of Alabama to Arizona because traveling the world had been at the top of my life intentions for too long... I needed to commit to my love of exploring. Nothing makes me happier than planning, flying, and exploring a new place. I wanted to live out west so I could have more opportunity to explore places I have never been. I soon came to understand that my love of travel was connected to the love of growth.

I became more confident and open about my beliefs that govern the Universe. I started taking my meditation and Tarot seriously. I started consciously stepping into my own and my destiny. I became more open to healing the survival tactics I had learned to protect myself in Alabama. I unlocked my manifesting power. I learned to be more open about my trauma of not using my voice and being my TRUTH.

I built my career in the tech startup world. I've worked on customer service, sales, operational development, content development, social media marketing, training, internal marketing, and more. The corporate world, while extremely helpful in helping me understand work ethic and business, felt like just another extension of what I felt back in Alabama. I was too different. I didn't fit in. I needed to connect with others like me.

Since beginning my own healing journey, I have felt the calling to light thousands of others' candles. I feel the calling to SUPPORT others on their spiritual and business journeys too. The podcast Marketing Alchemy was then born. I am learning lessons every day about my past and surrendering to my future. Are we mirrors for each other?


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"What you seek is seeking you." - Rumi