Hey YOU.

Are you hell-bent on creating a life for yourself?

Always challenging the status-quo?


Me too!


Core Biz Values: Empowerment, Boldness, Creativity,  + Dependability


My business teaches entrepreneurs the marketing skills and methods they need to bring their business online and reach new customers. I offer social media profile audits and marketing mentoring for entrepreneurs that value individuality, creativity, independence. I empower them with the tools to be bold, make big moves, target the right audience, find more customers, and grow their sales like the badasses they are.

I have built my career in the tech startup world. I've worked on customer service, sales, operational development, content development, social media marketing, training, internal marketing, and more. It may seem like a lot for a five year time span, but when you are building a company it is all hands on deck. You grow. You pivot. You hustle. It's the perfect background for helping you grow your business and be bold AF.

I've been a rebel since day one--always ready to challenge the status-quo from family, teachers, and jobs at every turn. When I got my first job, my employer told me, “Loose the black nail polish. You’re not a child anymore.” Needless to say my “EFF YOU” meter shot through the roof. It may seem just like simple nail polish, but it is very telling of my story. That was the day I started to realize this whole corporate ladder thing was probably not going to work for me. I was different and I needed to be different. I didn't like being told what to do. I wanted to be in control of my future! I had a natural need to be a leader. People told me I needed to accept that this was the way life was, but I couldn't! I needed to create a life that allowed me to true to myself and follow my passion for empowering others to do the same.

In 2015, I moved out of Alabama to Arizona and traveling the world has been at the top of my life goals for a long time. Nothing makes me happier than planning, flying, and exploring a new place. You might just see me post about destinations from time to time! After travel, I love wine, art, tattoos, music, David Bowie, Harry Potter, dogs, black clothes, nature, and dark lipstick in that order. My work playlist usually consists of creepy electronic house music, Swedish metal, 80's dark wave, punk, and 60's garage band. (Please drop me a line if you like the same music because no one ever does!)


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"What you seek is seeking you." - Rumi