hi, i'm sahara

My intention is to light thousands of candles, connect people with their inner intuition, and support them in activating their destiny. 


I used to think I was so WEIRD.

I didn’t fit in at school. I didn’t fit in at home. It could have been just childhood rebellion... But when I grew up, it didn’t stop. I didn’t fit in at work. I didn’t fit in with my coworkers...

After all this, it morphed into a badge of honor for me, but not really a good one. ‘People don’t understand me. They don’t get me.’ It forced me to embrace myself and my identity but not entirely in a good way.

I started to embrace being the outcast instead of just being a little different. People didn’t get me, so why not!? I committed to being the weirdo that likes weird things, and everyone else could just deal with it.

Seems like a good idea on the surface until you realize this is such an easy way to hold onto anger and defensiveness!

This is the story of my first shift into alignment.

By diving deep I began to understand my assets as the weirdo. I began focusing on my essence as ME instead of in relation to how others were around me. I am me because I am me. I define me because of who I am not because of who I am not!

I became more confident and open about my beliefs that govern the Universe and the energy around us. I started taking my meditation, Astrology, and Tarot seriously. I started consciously stepping into my own and my destiny. I became more open to healing the survival tactics I had learned to protect myself in Alabama. I unlocked my manifesting power. I learned to be more open about my trauma of not using my voice and being my TRUTH.

Since beginning my own healing journey, I have seen my path to light thousands of others' candles. I feel the calling to SUPPORT others on their spiritual and business journeys too. When I understood this, my podcast Marketing Alchemy was born. My quest to connect others to their intution and bring them out of spiritual closet as begun. I am still learning lessons every day about my past and surrendering to my future unfolding before me. Are you awakening too?


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"What you seek is seeking you." - Rumi