readings tools and healing for empaths



My entire existence has been liminal. In between family fights and a community that ostracized me, I never quite found the proper footing for myself. I belonged in Catholic school, but I didn't. I belonged in Alabama, but I didn't. It wasn't until I got my first Tarot deck and began my own spiritual practice that I realized that I am just trasitionary. I exist in both. I am dualistic. I am liminal. I am somehow always able exist in the space inbetween.   

My name is Sahara and I'm an intuitive mindset, alignment, and shadow healer for female empaths.

My trainings, readings, and mentorships are for women that are ready for for deeply spiritual and life-altering healing. I teach them the art of how to deeply align with themselves and transform every aspect of their lives through shadow integration. I guide them through the transition of deconstructing the mask they have created to survive in this world so they can fully own themselves, their relationships, and their careers.