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Hey you.


My name is Sahara and I'm an Alignment Coach + Oracle for spiritual entrepreneurs that struggle with aligning themselves and their work authentically.

My intention is to light thousands of candles, connect people with their inner intuitions, and support them in activating their destiny. I want to help you create your greatest work.

I offer guidance with Astrology and Tarot readings and 1:1 support to help you shift into your inner power and start working on your magnum opus.

I built my entire business off of the transformative power of Alchemy. My readings, sessions, and mentorships offer both a mixture of spiritual and business guidance to help you shift, heal, release into alignment and deeply connect with your inner power.


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Marketing Alchemy is where business, personal development, and spirituality intersect!

Every week on my podcast, I talk through the struggles spiritual entrepreneurs work through building aligned businesses and interview other spiritual entrepreneurs to learn how they integrate their intuitive abilities into their work.


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